Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Fill in the blanks

I've noticed lately that I have a few new readers (hello to you!) So I thought it might be fitting to provide you with some very important (or not quite so important) information about moi.


I'm bored/fed of being coughing/thought it would be mildly amusing to steal Heat magazines celeb back page feature, 'fill in the blanks'.

This morning I woke up... had a coughing fit for half an hour, and then fell back to sleep.

The last time I got drunk... was a few weeks ago, but I wasn't really drunk. Just tipsy drunk. The last time I was drunk drunk was at a wedding in the summer. Too. Much. Rose.

The funniest text I ever received... was probably from my friend Fran. She's a pretty funny lady.

I'm not very good at... exercise. It makes me feel sick just thinking about going to the gym. Yuk.

I keep having dreams about... My gorgeous old dog Bella, she died 3 years ago but visits me in my dreams a couple of times a week. We have cuddles and run across a beach together.

When I look in the mirror, I see... a bland face that looks like a digestive biscuit.

One thing I've never admitted to anyone is... I enjoy listening to the travel reports on BBC2. I like to visualize a map of Britain in my head and think whether I've been to the places they mention. Actually, I did tell Mr B this once and he thought it was a little bit weird.

My worst habit is... smoking, amongst many many other things.

I mostly smell of... my lovely new Liz Earle perfume that I won in a Bridal competition, it smells like springtime. 

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life... it would have to be marmite on toast. I'm not that fussed about food, so I could definitely do this challenge!

My best friend thinks that I'm... a little bit of a fruitloop. 

The least 'me' song on one of my playlists is... non existent. My music taste is so eclectic and varied I cant think of anything on my ipod that isn't 'me'. 

The last thing that I Googled was... P L Travers. I watched 'Saving Mr Banks' yesterday, and I wanted to see how much of the film was true.

Well that was fun.
What next?
Maybe I'll go and listen to the travel report whilst eating some marmite on toast for tea....