Sunday, 7 December 2014

Its all codswallop

Joy of joys, once again I have been struck down with the lurgy. (Insert hacking cough and snot here.)

I wont bore you with the details, but the most annoying thing of all is that I couldnt go and visit my sister and my gorgeous nephews this weekend. 

Massive sad panda face.

It got me to thinking about when a couple of years ago, when I was in hermit mode. I hardly went out  of the house, and so I didnt get any colds or lurgy like illnesses. 

Although my brain was pretty poorly.

But because I didnt have much contact with actual real life humans, I didnt get contaminated with all their nasty germs.

 And now my brain is doing lots better, I'm out and about once again (hurrah for that.) My nose and  body just seem to be the place where all the germs like to come and visit. (My nostrils are pretty large, maybe thats the reason...)

Anyway.... enough snot stories.

How are we all finding the run up to Christmas?

Do you feel bombarded with cheerfulness at every turn? Do you think everyone else is going to have the perfect Christmas apart from you?

Well, if so, do not fear, for you are not alone.

Christmas is never my best time of year, I would quite like to hibernate for the majority of December (and wake up for a festive mulled wine or something.) Just the fact that I find it difficult makes me feel guilty. 

But knowing that I'm not the only person who finds it difficult makes me feel a little bit better about it. If that makes sense. 

Sure, people might be boasting on facebook about getting all their shopping done, how amazing their turkey cooking skills are, but I reckon, if you just scratch under the surface, they've got their own struggles and battles to fight too.

Do not believe all the codswallop that clogs up your newsfeed.

Perhaps I should make a list of my top tips for surviving christmas... that could be interesting...

But for now, I will make the most of feeling yukky, and climb into my bed for some well earned sleep. (Oooo maybe my wish has inadvertently come true, and its time for my hibernation!)


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  1. Hey Susie,

    I agree most social stuff is 'codswallop' especially when it comes to Christmas. One of the reasons I had to close my Facebook account.

    Hope you had a good one and feeling better :)