Photographs of my own work, of things that inspire me, give me hope, and show my journey through depression...


Female nude, ink, February 2012

Tree bark, acrylic and crayon, Summer 2012

Female nudes using ink, 2012

Spirals in red, acrylic and wire, April 2012

Spirals in green, acrylic and wire, April 2012
Beach from above, acrylic and pastel, August 2012
the tree called life,painted as a wedding present for Charlie and Ben, acrylic and pencil, May 2012

Lovelight, painted for my Grandmas 85th birthday, acrylics and pastel, September 2012

Female nude, pencil, October 2012

Castle cove, Dartmouth

Sheep Meadow, New York 2008

Camp Alta Mons, Virginia 2008
Niagra Falls, 2008
Sky at Alta Mons, Virginia, 2008
Letting go
Aberdovy, Feb 2011
Ray of light, Clevedon, 2011
Blackpool Sands, Devon
Torcross, Devon
Sky above Saltford fields, Autumn 2011

My tattoos

'What the water gave me', Frida Kahlo

'Connection III',Antony Gormley

Flying high on the ferris wheel, my birthday 2012

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