Monday, 22 December 2014

7 tips for surviving Christmas

In my last blog I had the idea of writing down a few of my tips to survive the festive season.... so lets see if I can come up with anything....

Take each day at a time, don't think about tomorrow.

This is one of my mantras that I try and say to myself all year round, but it seems to come in particularly useful at Christmas.

For example, if I let me brain spiral, I would begin to worry about work tomorrow, about cooking the Christmas dinner, and generally how on earth I'm going to get through the next week without smacking someone round the head with a Christmas cracker.

However, I have to build a wall in my mind, a huge blockade to stop those thoughts. Thinking about the next few days is detrimental to my mood, so I just have to fight against it, keep building the wall, and just get through each day at a time.

Try not to keep checking Facebook every five minutes.

This tip is equally tricky, especially if you're anything like me and you love being nosy and seeing what everyone else is getting up to.

But seeing peoples posts about what a wonderful time they're having isn't always going to make you feel marvelous. In fact, it will probably make you feel rather shitty. That is, if you feel a little bit shitty in the first place. If that makes sense. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against people posting about all the lovely things that they might be doing over the festive season, I just think its worth protecting yourself if your brain is feeling a little wonky.

And it leads me on to my next point....

Remember that other people are struggling too.

I touched on this in my last blog, but I must mention it again as its pretty darn important.

Don't forget that you're not the only one struggling with the festive season. There are hundreds of other people out there finding it hard, for a multitude of reasons. Even the people that seem like they are having a super duper time, may actually be screaming inside. You just never know.

Why not get in touch with someone else you know who is having a tough time? Give them a text and you can bitch about Christmas together. A good old moan always makes you feel a little better.

I probably shouldn't say this but....Take advantage of the fact that Christmas is the only time of year when its acceptable to drink alcohol any time of day, every day.

Obvs I'm not encouraging mass drinking, and alcohol shouldn't be relied upon in any way (believe me, I know) but having the odd cheeky drink may just relax you slightly.

Have a nap. Go for a walk. Take some time just for you.

We all need to have space, and at Christmas I think its even more important. 

Napping is also a very acceptable activity to do at Christmas. As is going for a walk....I would use the , "Oh I'm so full from all the turkey, I need some fresh air" excuse. Pop your headphones in and stomp round the block for half an hour.

Ask older relatives to tell you about Christmas during the war.

This is mainly a distraction technique to pass the time, as they will probably talk for hours telling you how things were so much simpler in 'their day'. However, it should also prove interesting and you might just learn a thing or two. 

Hit someone on the head with a Christmas cracker if they tell you to cheer up or count your blessings.

Not only will it teach them a lesson, it will also make you feel much better.


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  1. Just started my own blog on a similar theme, and this post made me smile, nod and agree with you. I admit, I did want to hit several people over the head with a Christmas cracker...wish I had now :)

    Keep it up, I'll be looking over past posts and keeping up to date with your thoughts! xx