Monday, 22 December 2014

7 tips for surviving Christmas

In my last blog I had the idea of writing down a few of my tips to survive the festive season.... so lets see if I can come up with anything....

Take each day at a time, don't think about tomorrow.

This is one of my mantras that I try and say to myself all year round, but it seems to come in particularly useful at Christmas.

For example, if I let me brain spiral, I would begin to worry about work tomorrow, about cooking the Christmas dinner, and generally how on earth I'm going to get through the next week without smacking someone round the head with a Christmas cracker.

However, I have to build a wall in my mind, a huge blockade to stop those thoughts. Thinking about the next few days is detrimental to my mood, so I just have to fight against it, keep building the wall, and just get through each day at a time.

Try not to keep checking Facebook every five minutes.

This tip is equally tricky, especially if you're anything like me and you love being nosy and seeing what everyone else is getting up to.

But seeing peoples posts about what a wonderful time they're having isn't always going to make you feel marvelous. In fact, it will probably make you feel rather shitty. That is, if you feel a little bit shitty in the first place. If that makes sense. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against people posting about all the lovely things that they might be doing over the festive season, I just think its worth protecting yourself if your brain is feeling a little wonky.

And it leads me on to my next point....

Remember that other people are struggling too.

I touched on this in my last blog, but I must mention it again as its pretty darn important.

Don't forget that you're not the only one struggling with the festive season. There are hundreds of other people out there finding it hard, for a multitude of reasons. Even the people that seem like they are having a super duper time, may actually be screaming inside. You just never know.

Why not get in touch with someone else you know who is having a tough time? Give them a text and you can bitch about Christmas together. A good old moan always makes you feel a little better.

I probably shouldn't say this but....Take advantage of the fact that Christmas is the only time of year when its acceptable to drink alcohol any time of day, every day.

Obvs I'm not encouraging mass drinking, and alcohol shouldn't be relied upon in any way (believe me, I know) but having the odd cheeky drink may just relax you slightly.

Have a nap. Go for a walk. Take some time just for you.

We all need to have space, and at Christmas I think its even more important. 

Napping is also a very acceptable activity to do at Christmas. As is going for a walk....I would use the , "Oh I'm so full from all the turkey, I need some fresh air" excuse. Pop your headphones in and stomp round the block for half an hour.

Ask older relatives to tell you about Christmas during the war.

This is mainly a distraction technique to pass the time, as they will probably talk for hours telling you how things were so much simpler in 'their day'. However, it should also prove interesting and you might just learn a thing or two. 

Hit someone on the head with a Christmas cracker if they tell you to cheer up or count your blessings.

Not only will it teach them a lesson, it will also make you feel much better.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Fill in the blanks

I've noticed lately that I have a few new readers (hello to you!) So I thought it might be fitting to provide you with some very important (or not quite so important) information about moi.


I'm bored/fed of being coughing/thought it would be mildly amusing to steal Heat magazines celeb back page feature, 'fill in the blanks'.

This morning I woke up... had a coughing fit for half an hour, and then fell back to sleep.

The last time I got drunk... was a few weeks ago, but I wasn't really drunk. Just tipsy drunk. The last time I was drunk drunk was at a wedding in the summer. Too. Much. Rose.

The funniest text I ever received... was probably from my friend Fran. She's a pretty funny lady.

I'm not very good at... exercise. It makes me feel sick just thinking about going to the gym. Yuk.

I keep having dreams about... My gorgeous old dog Bella, she died 3 years ago but visits me in my dreams a couple of times a week. We have cuddles and run across a beach together.

When I look in the mirror, I see... a bland face that looks like a digestive biscuit.

One thing I've never admitted to anyone is... I enjoy listening to the travel reports on BBC2. I like to visualize a map of Britain in my head and think whether I've been to the places they mention. Actually, I did tell Mr B this once and he thought it was a little bit weird.

My worst habit is... smoking, amongst many many other things.

I mostly smell of... my lovely new Liz Earle perfume that I won in a Bridal competition, it smells like springtime. 

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life... it would have to be marmite on toast. I'm not that fussed about food, so I could definitely do this challenge!

My best friend thinks that I'm... a little bit of a fruitloop. 

The least 'me' song on one of my playlists is... non existent. My music taste is so eclectic and varied I cant think of anything on my ipod that isn't 'me'. 

The last thing that I Googled was... P L Travers. I watched 'Saving Mr Banks' yesterday, and I wanted to see how much of the film was true.

Well that was fun.
What next?
Maybe I'll go and listen to the travel report whilst eating some marmite on toast for tea....

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Its all codswallop

Joy of joys, once again I have been struck down with the lurgy. (Insert hacking cough and snot here.)

I wont bore you with the details, but the most annoying thing of all is that I couldnt go and visit my sister and my gorgeous nephews this weekend. 

Massive sad panda face.

It got me to thinking about when a couple of years ago, when I was in hermit mode. I hardly went out  of the house, and so I didnt get any colds or lurgy like illnesses. 

Although my brain was pretty poorly.

But because I didnt have much contact with actual real life humans, I didnt get contaminated with all their nasty germs.

 And now my brain is doing lots better, I'm out and about once again (hurrah for that.) My nose and  body just seem to be the place where all the germs like to come and visit. (My nostrils are pretty large, maybe thats the reason...)

Anyway.... enough snot stories.

How are we all finding the run up to Christmas?

Do you feel bombarded with cheerfulness at every turn? Do you think everyone else is going to have the perfect Christmas apart from you?

Well, if so, do not fear, for you are not alone.

Christmas is never my best time of year, I would quite like to hibernate for the majority of December (and wake up for a festive mulled wine or something.) Just the fact that I find it difficult makes me feel guilty. 

But knowing that I'm not the only person who finds it difficult makes me feel a little bit better about it. If that makes sense. 

Sure, people might be boasting on facebook about getting all their shopping done, how amazing their turkey cooking skills are, but I reckon, if you just scratch under the surface, they've got their own struggles and battles to fight too.

Do not believe all the codswallop that clogs up your newsfeed.

Perhaps I should make a list of my top tips for surviving christmas... that could be interesting...

But for now, I will make the most of feeling yukky, and climb into my bed for some well earned sleep. (Oooo maybe my wish has inadvertently come true, and its time for my hibernation!)