Thursday, 5 June 2014

Stand up and be your awesome self.

So many of our days here on planet earth are filled with niggling little grievances.... Buses that are late. A long queue in Tesco. Forgetting your umbrella when its raining outside. Someone pushes past you on the street and doesn't apologise. You get the gist.

Then everyone (yes, I mean everyone, even Nuns) have all those little things at their workplaces that they get frustrated about. (Because I'm certain Nuns have arguments about who is going to ring the bells or something...)

 Small things can become huge things in a matter of minutes. I know when I used to work in retail, the tiniest thing, such as a shoe being positioned at the wrong angle could send me into a rage instantly. How ridiculous it seems when I look back now.

I also shouldn't forget all those annoying habits that your fellow family members (or house mates) have. Arguments about who is going to change the toilet roll springs to mind immediately. As does piles of manky washing up in the sink or emptying the smelly bins.

When we're tired, frustrated, or emotionally vunerable, all these annoying habits or mistakes that we ALL possess, can sometimes make a huge difference to our day.

Sometimes (like in my last blog post) I talked about the importance of detail in my life. The significance that the little things have. A fact that I still stand by. Because details do matter.

However, when you've had a day when the niggling little things have been getting to you, I think its important to take a step back.

Take a step back and look at the big picture.

Not just the big picture in your head.

But the big, BIG picture.

You know what I mean.

Whoa. You can see it now cant you?

Let the little irksome things wash over you, let them get lost in the waves, and instead be encompassed with the marvellous wonder of life.

Yes that's right, I did just say the marvellous wonder of life.

Be yourself and be dazzled by your awesomeness.

Its much more fun.

Because you are you. And there is no one like you. There never has been, and there never will be.

And when you're being encompassed in the marvellous wonder of life, you could perhaps listen to this song and think to yourself "Yeah! I will stand up and be me! I'm unique! None of these annoying little things matter in the grand scheme of life! Hurrah!"

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