Friday, 30 May 2014

In the details

Mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I have just rediscovered my love of fizzy strawberry laces.

How did I ever forget about these wondrous delicacies?!

They are like a burst of fizzy juiciness in one amazing lace. AND if I concentrate v.v.hard, they take my mind off thinking that I would really enjoy a large glass of wine right about now.

Oh and they are only 40p a packet.


I used to always buy 3 packets for a £1 (good old Tesco), but today, as I had forgotten how delish they are, I only bought one pack.

Rooky mistake.

Just had to dash across the room and eat another. Thought that if I put them at the other side of the room then my cravings would stop....oh how wrong I was.....

When I was emerging out of the deepest darkness, and slowly venturing into the world above, strawberry laces would go everywhere with me. They were part of my little survival kit that I kept in my bag.

This survival kit also consisted of:

1.Headphones and fully charged ipod (to take me away from the world).
2.Knitting needles and wool (to put my anxious fingers to good use).
3.A shell I picked from the beach (to hold in my hand, to ground me, and help me focus.)
4.Strawberry laces (for an energy boost, and all the reasons listed above).
5. Bottle of water (for the dry throat moments.)
6. Phone (again, another distraction technique, games galore).

These 6 things helped me so much as I was gradually able to do more. Admittedly, I did get rather obsessive at times if I couldn't find one of them, but that's just me....

I still always have headphones, water, and my phone. They are my full proof survival items.

 The shell has gone, but I gradually replaced it with two smaller items. I began to put the shell in my pocket, instead of in my hand...then I wore rosary beads as a bracelet that I could always hold onto...then they went in my pocket...and now the beads are always in my bag. I don't have to hold them, or have them in my pocket, but knowing they are in my bag, just in case of a panic filled emergency, makes me feel so much better.

Its strange how a packet of strawberry laces have reminded me of these small obscure details. Details that have made a big difference in my journey with the black dog...!


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