Sunday, 15 June 2014

Thinking of you all

Today my Facebook news feed has been full of photographs of Dads. (Since its fathers day and everything...) Daughters and sons wanting their Dads to know how much they love them, and how super duper they are.

Its a lovely thing to do, and no part of me wants to take away anything from all the brilliant Dads out there.

However, as soon as I saw these posts this morning, my mind immediately went to my friends that have lost their Dads. How hard this day must be for them, I just cant imagine it.

I also thought of friends who haven't physically lost their fathers, but instead, they have a tough or non existent relationship with them. Again, this day must difficult.

Then I was reminded of Dads who wont be getting a card this year, as their son or daughter has passed away. What a cruel day.

I have neither a point or explanation to these musings.

But perhaps, I just want these friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers to know that I'm thinking of them.

And sending them a hug.


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