Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Warning: This blog contains cheese, love, and slushy stuff.

Well hello April!

Where did you appear from?

Its really rather nice to see you.

I've enjoyed you so far, especially as on Saturday I got engaged to my beloved Mr B..........

Oh yes, just thought I would drop that in for anyone who hasn't yet heard the news! But as my dear Mama has been broadcasting it from the rooftops, I'm pretty sure its managed to reach even the deepest and darkest of places...I wouldn't be surprised if she's contacted the national press to be honest, such is the magnitude of her excitement!

However, no one could be more excited, or more happy than me... Mrs B to be. (Although, for those who are interested, I will be keeping Piggott as a 'silent' middle name, I just cant bear not to be a piggy any more.)

Mr B is my best friend, my rock and my world, and I cant even describe how lucky I am to have such a wonderful (and ever so slightly weird) man by my side.

Could I have imagined three years ago that I would be in this place? Not a chance. I couldn't even comprehend the thought. Let alone hope for it.

When I first met Mr B, I told him all about my depression and anxiety. I couldn't be bothered to hide it or keep it from him, that's just not me. He could have run in the opposite direction, but he didn't, because he was dazzled by my fabulous personality....teehee, I jest. No, what I mean is, he accepted who I was, depression and all.

And now he hasn't just accepted me, he's decided to marry me!

I could get super mushy and slushy and lovey dovey but I have this feeling that some of you may be sick over your computers, and I don't want to get charged for the bill.

What I will say, are my 2 favourite words.

White wine.


Oh I am on fire with the jokes tonight.

No, the two words, that I want to remember about this time in my life, and the two words I want you to remember, if you're not feeling top banana....are...




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