Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Riding the rail

I’m currently sat on the train from Beeston to Derby. The first part of a 3 hour journey….ahhh!

Being stuck on a train for 3 hours isn’t exactly my favourite place to be, so I thought I may as well take the chance to do a little bit of blogging……

I’m on my way back from my darling Sister’s house, and I must say, I’ve had a super duper time.

Its been so lovely to catch up with them all, and my nephew Joshua has been keeping me thoroughly entertained.

Today Sarah (that’s my sister, just incase you didn’t know her name) and I popped into town and had a browse around the charity shops. Which really is one of my favourite places to be.

For some unknown reason, the charity shops in Beeston are super ace, I always manage to find something, and today was no exception.

I managed to pick up a gorgeous bright coral cardigan, for the bargain price of £3. Its got a certain retro look to it and most probably belonged to a little old lady. Not that I’m rocking the granny look these days (no grey hairs yet anyway), I just love my over-sized granny-esque cardigans.

The countryside is whizzing past me now, oh I do just want to be home again. Train journeys really are the pits.

 At least I’m not sat next to a smelly stranger though. That would be worse. And if I was sat next to someone I wouldn’t be typing this, because I know they wouldn’t be able to stop their beady eyes from sneaking a peak at this really interesting bit of writing. Ha!

On the way up here though, I did start talking to a lovely person. She was knitting, and I was knitting, and well, we just chatted away for about an hour. I think she was a musician or something, and we ended up talking about how art or music or writing can be such an essential outlet for your emotion. She really was a wise bird. I should have got her name but I didn’t want to seem like too much of a monkey nut, so I will forever refer to her as the Wise Knitting Lady.

Mr B laughs at the way I sometimes end up talking to people on trains or buses. I don’t know why. Its funny because sometimes I’m really not in the mood to talk to anyone, but other times I’m like, “YEH! Come and tell me your life story!”

Last year I met a lovely lady on the train and she ended up sending me this awesome poem in an email. That was pretty amazing. I like to refer to her as the Amazing Poem Email Lady.

I’m annoyed I cant remember any of the others now. My memory has gone blankety blank.

Perhaps its time for a snooze. I am rather tired after all that thinking…. xxxx


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