Wednesday, 19 March 2014

31 days left

Its day 69 of my 100 happy days challenge, and although sometimes I'm finding it tricky, it also turns out to be rather fun.

It has helped me to do what I strive to do daily, which is to appreciate the little things in life.

Sometimes it can feel as if days, weeks and months all merge together. You cant always tell the difference from one week to the next. A friend may ask you what you've been up to recently, and your mind goes completely blank, as you frantically try and remember something fun you've done.

But through these 100 happy days, I have been able to document one thing from each day that has made me smile. Even when I cant imagine smiling.

 Each picture has allowed every day to stand alone, and to be appreciated. I never want to forget that life is a gift, and this challenge is helping me to remember that.
You know what, I'm tempted to even carry this one after the 100 days are over.

And who would of thought I would be saying that? Not me, that's for sure.

Whilst you're on here, why not check out the website and try it for yourself...

Here are a few of my favourie photos so far....




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