Friday, 14 March 2014

A break from the old routine? No thanks.

Do you like routine?

I guess routines are a bit like marmite, you either love or hate them.

Me, I love them. And marmite too actually.

Even when I was at my most poorly, I still tried to keep some sort of routine to my day.

Sometimes just getting out of bed and eating breakfast was my routine, but it was a small step.

Nowadays, my routine is even more important to me.

It helps me feel grounded, and gives me a sense of control.

Without my weekly routine, I would struggle to make sense of each week, I think I would feel rather lost.

Some people might think routines are a bit dull and boring, and maybe that's true, but not for me.

Sticking to a routine can have its downside though....And I can get rather disorientated and upset if my routine is changed beyond my control.

For example, in the morning, I like to eat my breakfast in the same seat, and use a particular spoon for my cereal. Which sounds slightly bordering on the ridiculous. But it makes my morning feel better, and I'm not hurting anyone. (Unless, of course they are sitting in my seat, and I have to poke them with a very large stick.)

I wonder how we have all evolved into these little routines. Did our ancestors like routine? I guess they would of had some routines in order to survive. Like going out to hunt at certain times of day and stuff. (Trying to imagine how cave people lived is quite hard....)

But that does make sense (in my mind anyway), and maybe these routines are just our own little ways of surviving.



  1. Hi!
    Routines are very important to me too. Without them I tend to drift to the bed or to vegetate in front of the computer.
    Routines give my day structure and a sense of achievement. I intersperse work routines with relaxation routines (I work from home), which helps me keep sane.
    I'm now following your blog! :)

  2. That sounds very similar to me! Thanks for the comment and thank you for following :) x