Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wreck it

If you ever have a spare £10 (which doesn't happen very often especially not in January as everyone is skint...) but if you do have it, then go and buy 'Wreck this journal' by Keri Smith.

I promise it will be worth it.

And I don't make promises very often.

If you are a secret (or perhaps not so secret) perfectionist, then you will be challenged daily by the weird and wonderful tasks the journal sets you.

Firstly, I had to crack the spine.


(The spine of the book, not my own spine, because that would be really painful, and quite difficult to manage on my own.)

Then I had to write with my left hand, with my mouth, and finally upside down.

I have been instructed to doodle over the top of the cover, the title, the instructions and the copyright page. As well as to fold down the corners of my favourite pages.

Eeek!! I can't do this yet, I haven't reached that point of careless abandonment.

However, I have stuck a photo in of myself that I disliked and then defaced it. That was very satisfying. And I do look rather amusing with a beard and devil horns.

I've also been told to add my own page numbers, so of course I have numbered the pages randomly, but only with even numbers (I HATE odd numbers.)

Later, I might take the journal into the shower with me. If I'm feeling crazy.

Or I might eat some coloured sweets and lick a page. (The journal calls it tongue painting.)

Oh golly I just tore a page out and crumpled it up. The I un-crumpled it and thought, "What a waste of paper." Then I crumpled it up again! This journal plays havoc with your mind you know.

I kind of want to have the best wrecked journal ever. So I need to become perfect at wrecking it. Which defeats the point of just wrecking it for the sake of wrecking it.

Am I thinking too much about this?


Time to tie the journal with a piece of string and drag it through the rain (page 2462).


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