Sunday, 12 January 2014

100 happy days

Two days ago I signed up for a pretty ridiculous challenge. Its called 100 happy days, and the task is to find something happy in each day for the next 100. (Pretty explanatory really, but I still felt the need to explain. Apologies.) 

Almost laughable that I'm even trying this to be honest. A girl who suffers from depression. How far will I get? Day 7 perhaps?

Or am I out to prove the point that although I do suffer from depression, I can still experience those magical moments of happiness. That actually clinging onto those memories can help me battle through each day.

I have my good friend Charlotte to thank for this challenge, she popped it on her Facebook, and I thought, why not. Lets try something different. Lets be spontaneous. Lets prove something...

I do like a challenge, and when I do commit to something (it doesn't happen very often) I do like to give it my all. Or as someone from the Apprentice would say, "I'll give you 110% every time Lord Sugar, I wont let you down."

Yeh. I hate those clichés too.

I may let myself down, but I guess that's less scary than Lord Sugar.

I have to take a photo of these happy moments, thank goodness for my snazzy new phone. Don't think the cute old square one would be up to this challenge.

If you want to join this crazy new craze then go to .

One of my favourite things about the website is that it specifies that this is NOT a competition. That in fact, if you try and be the 'happiest', you've already kind of forgotten the point of the challenge.

Even on my darkest days, I do try and find something to take me closer to the light. To appreciate the little things in life that make the world a better place. And it helps.

I could never have done this challenge 2 years ago, but maybe now I can. Lets see shall we. For updates, visit my twitter @susiepiggott or Facebook page. Some moments may even give me some writing material for this here blog. You never know.

Here's what I've come up with so far.....
Wearing my Ugg boots and not getting them wet!

Polishing off my dairy free pizza.

Smiling with Mr B.

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