Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The giant claws of primark.

I'm currently relaxing on my comfy little sofa, as I'm rather tired tonight.

I ventured into Primark today, and got myself into something of a fluster, hence the exhaustion.

It was a simple task I had to perform today, take a jumper back and exchange it for something else.

But I wasn't just dealing with any old shop, it was Primark, and I should have realised that I would get caught in its giant claws.

Four floors of bargains galore.

Its overwhelming.

I had £7 to spend, and I just couldn't seem to decide what on earth I wanted.

Would a £2 printed dress be a good idea? Or would I see hundreds of other 20-something girls in the same outfit?

Then there were the £5 dungarees, which were very enticing, and I've always hankered after another pair. 

 It must have been when I was about 7 years old and had 3 pairs and pretty much lived in them.

They're so 90's and I can never resist a bit of 90's fash. However, I knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy them for at least another 6 months, so after a dither, they were put to one side.

Soon I was bombarded with the jewellery, dozens of snazzy necklaces and bracelets that could potentially break after one week, but would look good in the process...

The sale section in this department was particularly treacherous for decision making. Would a £2.50 necklace with the word 'Amaze' on it look good, or was it on the verge of tacky? I opted for tacky, and walked quickly away (not before picking up a rather dazzling gold chunky necklace.)

When I had almost given up hope and thought I would spend my remaining money on facewipes (boring), my eyes homed onto a gem of a shirt. Spotty and blue, and in the sale too. Fab. Time to get out of the hell hole.

Children were screaming. Shoppers were everywhere and garments were being dragged across the floor.

And worst of all, I was having a hot flush.

Stripping off my layers, I waited patiently at the 'customer service' till  for approximately 20 million hours, and managed to exchange my items.

I had no snacks in my bag, no water left in my bottle, and absolutely no more energy.

Primark, I don't think I will be gracing you with my flustering, dithering, sweaty presence for quite a while.



  1. Primark is THE DEVIL!! I must have had at least 3 panic attacks in the Manchester one, I just avoid it now! We have a new one in Bury, it's small and relatively quiet on weekedays so I can handle it with mum by my side haha.

    Lots of love Sooz:) xxx

  2. haha yes it is the devil!!
    Glad I'm not the only one who experiences this trauma!!
    Hope you're enjoying being an Aunty :) xxxx