Friday, 17 January 2014

Round in riddles

Almost at the end of a long and slightly crazy week.

My brain feels like it has been stretched beyond its capabilities, and I must admit I enjoyed resting it this afternoon.

Not that stretching my brain is a bad thing.

In fact, its all part of a lovely, fun, and exciting process. But combined with equal levels of stress.

Am I talking in riddles?

I do apologise.

And I don't mean to. Its just that although this blog is a way of expressing what is going on in my head, I don't always want to go into the fine details...

Does that make sense?

I do hope so.

I also have a bad habit of not wanting to write about things happening in my life until they are set in stone. Its a weird thing. A daft habit really. I just don't like looking (or feeling) like a plonker.

Which is unlikely.

But I am known to be plonker-like. Or get over-excited. Or paranoid.

So, I shall just try and rest my brain and take things one day at a time. Which is what I usually try and do anyway (I just like to remind myself...)

Oh I really am going round in circles tonight.

Time for another sit down I think...which tonight will be in the Bird (its a pub, I'm not getting in a birds nest or anything...) I may even treat myself to a glass of vino. Yes. YES. Good plan Susie.


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