Monday, 20 January 2014

Black dog or Susie.

I've just been reading through some of my blog posts from this time last year.

And do you know what, I think some of them are kind of funny.

Not hilarious, not ROFL-ing (or whatever the abbreviation it is that the cool kids use), but sometimes witty and weird.

Its strange reading them back, because I forget that its me who has written the entry. Very absent minded of me I know, but it is confusing.

I think to myself: "Oooo hehe haha! This person is a good writer. What a wit they are. Ooo and they explained that well, I feel like that sometimes too."

But then I quickly remember: "Oh no, shit that's me writing, so there must be some sort of massive mistake in my brain because actually I cant write anything and I'm not funny and my grammar is awful, just like this really long sentence."

I do tend to argue with myself on a fairly regular basis...its an ongoing battle.  This is just another example of when I'm not entirely sure what's real and what's not real.

True or untrue.

Fact or fiction.

Real or imaginary.

Awake or dreaming.

Black dog or Susie.



  1. Nothing wrong with the really long sentence, except for a small mistake: "cant" :)