Saturday, 31 August 2013

Craving a lemon yellow mind

I quite fancied a lie in this morning.

Snoozy time on a Saturday would have been lovely jubly.

However, my irksome brain has been buzzing around for the past hour, and refusing to let me sleep.

A brain full of thoughts, memories, conversations, faces, colours, pain.

Parts of dreams intertwining with reality, leaving me muddled and confused.

If only such a thing existed that we could pick and choose the events we remember.

I think I saw a film once where they did that. 'Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind'. I'm not sure it worked out terribly well for them though.

Maybe I should watch it again.

I do love that title though.


It seems very yellow. Lemon yellow.

Very bright, clear, fresh and clean, no mess or mistakes.

Ah but now the other side of my brain is telling me if we didn't have negative memories, it wouldn't make us who we are today. Hmm. Debatable.

Oh its far too early in the morning to be having these conversations with myself.

Me thinks I need to chill my little brain out and go and eat some coco pops.


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