Monday, 2 September 2013

Hangover over!

Well, I would have written this yesterday.

However, I was suffering from the hangover from hell.

Oh my word was it bad.

The worst of the worst.

Head pounding.

Stomach lurching.

I couldn't even manage to drink a diet coke, my usual fail safe hangover cure.

Neither could I walk upright, I was kind of hobbling round like an old lady.

Never mind, these things happen. Mainly when I go to Blagdon actually.

But I have learnt my lesson.


I think.

Mama Pig did manage to cure my headache for a little while though, as she surprised me with a new bag of sale purchases for me. What a gem.

I haven't been shopping for so long, and its lovely to have some new clothes. Thank you Mama!

Off on my holibobs next week, so I will be saving them up to prance around in the sunshine.

Need to make my list of holibobs things to do. Insurance. Euros. Those fairly important necessities.

For now though, I'm going to do some more scribblings. (Not on here though, on another mini project that is exploding in my brain so I have to get typing, like now...)


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