Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Trying to unwind

Having problems getting my words out tonight.

After a busy few weeks I think my brain is frazzled, so perhaps that explains it.

I always find it really difficult to unwind after I've had something exciting or busy happen. Or in this case both!

My mind is a bit slow and dopey, rather like Pooh Bear's brain might feel I think.  Full of fluff.

But my body is all springy and restless, a little bit like Tigger. Although I'm not really bouncing anywhere, more of a twitchy bouncy jumpy thing.

Oh I do paint a favourable impression of myself I know.


Feel guilty the minute I sit down to relax, but already bored of the mindless list of tasks that I need to do this week.

Probably scheduling some time for a creative painting session might be a good plan.



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