Sunday, 21 July 2013

For those of you who are interested, or anyone who fanices reliving the laughter and the tears, here is my speech from yesterday!

"Good afternoon everyone! You’ll be glad to know that mine is almost the last of the speeches. So if you haven’t already, do feel free to have a little nap.

I've decided not to tell any embarrassing stories about Laura because, quite frankly, I’d probably be embarrassing myself too, as I seem to be involved in quite a few of them…So you can stop worrying Laura.

I feel so privileged to be standing here today as maid of honour. Thank you so much for asking me! It really has been an honour, not just to be part of your special day, but also to be part of all the planning…

Laura has many wonderful qualities, and being super organised is one of them. I’m sure you all agree that Laura has done an absolutely spectacular job organising today, remembering all the little details that have made it so special. In the past, we often referred to as our very own ‘Monica’ from Friends. I can remember an occasion when we were teenagers, messing around in her room, when Laura became rather furious when someone put a pen back in the wrong pen pot. Oh the sacrilege.

I don’t think Laura has ever quite forgiven that poor person, as they don’t appear to be here today….So do watch where you’re putting the pens Joe!

I have known Joe and Laura for almost 15 years now.

Joe and I were in the same class at school, and I clearly remember his stylish side parting, and his attachment to his tracksuit bottoms.

The first time I met Laura was at netball practise… Being the new girl, I was immediately asked which position I played. “Wing attack.” I answered nervously. Several voices then shouted at me furiously, “Laura plays Wing attack!!”

 I never played netball again.

 And I wouldn’t imagine at that point, that the scary blonde girl that looked like Rachel Stevens, would become my best friend.

Neither would I guess that she would end up marrying the geeky guy from my class with that weird hairstyle.

I once asked Laura how she knew that Joe was ‘the one’. I vividly remember her answer. She said to me, “He’s my best friend.”

 Well, at first I was rather put out! How dare Joe swoop in and take away my friend. But then she continued, “If I could only speak to one person in the world for the rest of my life, I would pick Joe.”

Well, I guess someone had to pick him, and I thought, it might as well be Laura.

 It was then that I really began to understand that these two had something special going on. A relationship based on friendship, that blossomed into love.

And so Joe, I just want you always to remember that you have got the most amazing friend in Laura.

I would be lost without her, and I know you would too. Quite literally, as you still can’t navigate your way around Manchester.

Laura, I’m so thankful for your unfailing friendship and support.

You have been my rock, and I cannot imagine how I would have got through the past few years without you.

You are so generous, understanding, thoughtful, kind and honest. In fact your brutal honesty has saved me from many fashion disasters!

Whilst I was writing this, I came across a few perfect quotes.

The first is this, “Best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.”

The second comes from one of my favourite poem by EE Cummings.

“I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.”

May you and Joe forever be in each other’s hearts, minds and souls.

So please let us all raise a glass to love, friendship, and family."












  1. Beautiful! I can tell that both you and Laura are blessed to have each other as friends...
    thanks for sharing your speech here, brought back good memories of my best friends wedding earlier in June. xx

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