Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Anxiety triggers

OK so maybe watching Andy Murray in the quarter finals isn’t great for my anxiety levels. He’s losing 2 sets down and I’m hiding behind my pillow as I cant take the pressure!

Having our broadband and land line not work for the past 24 hours hasn’t been good for my anxiety levels either. BT have been utterly unhelpful and made me want to throw custard pies in their faces.
Apparently it should be working again by Friday.

Yes that’s right. Friday.

When I reported the fault on TUESDAY.


Angry Sooz.
I’m not very good at coping with change thats out of my control. It tends to make my brain go a little crazy and I feel all ruffled up.

So I’m back using the Internet in Daddy Pigs office. Which is working. (Obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this…)

But that makes me even more confused, why is it working in the office and not the house.

I don’t know. I just want them to sort it out!
In other news, my creative block has finally ended and I have completed a new painting.

Its kind of like a black hole, tunnelly thing.
I will take some snaps and put them up.
Being able to paint again felt amazing. I felt surrounded by a calming energy that I was releasing onto the canvas.


So maybe I should stop watching the tennis and worrying about the internet, and go and throw some more paint around...


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