Monday, 1 July 2013


Firstly, before I forget, let me give you the link below.
For anyone who didn't get to listen to my Dad on Pause for Thought on Friday, click away and have a listen. He's brilliant. Not that I'm biased or anything.

Secondly, I would like to make a formal complaint to the Wimbledon Tennis Club. You are a continual distraction from my very important list of things to do, and its just not good enough. There's 6 more days of tennis and I've got far more urgent things to be getting on with, yet you keep on drawing me in with your gripping matches. Its shocking really.

What else.

I should have a third point, but I don't think I can find it right now.

Life has been a little crazy lately, and so it was utterly delightful to have a relaxing weekend. I didn't really worry or get anxious about anything. Which is pretty unheard of. Although Mr B informs me that my teeth grinding at night is pretty unbearable. Any other teeth grinders out there? I'm utterly unaware that I do it. But sometimes in the day my jaw often hurts, and I'm guessing that's the reason why...

'Studies have shown that almost 70% of sleep bruxism cases are a result of stress or anxiety that affects people subconsciously while they are asleep.' Source, NHS website.

Not all web related health research is helpful, but the NHS website is rather good I think.  Rather enlightening that teeth grinding seems to be linked to anxiety. It also informs me that headaches are one of the symptoms. And I do suffer a lot from pesky headaches.

Hmm interesting.



  1. I too grind my teeth in my sleep. Have done since I was a child but it has got worse lately, possibly due to stress of finishing my MSc and also the latest anti-depressant I have been trying. It's actually quite a common side effect and I hoped it would wear off but, nope. Waking up with headaches and a sore jaw seem to be a permanent feature at the moment. And part of the reason I'm avoiding going to the dentist because I'm sure it's probably done more damage to my teeth!
    I have a sleep recording app that I use to record the bizarre things I say in my sleep, mostly for my own amusement, but it also helps me track the teeth grinding too.
    Hope your non stressful/worrying weekend continues into the week! Any tips to help lessen the stress here most welcome, have written about my own busy-ness at the moment, stress never very good for my head!
    Anyhow, take care x

  2. Many thanks! Its good to know I'm not the only one out there making funny noises in my sleep. Yes I saw that fluxotine and sertraline can cause teeth grinding, but I'm not on either of those meds. My medication is venlafaxine which causes severe night sweats! Ooo the joys of side effects, haha.
    Hope you're week goes well, I'm not sure of any tips I've got...I think its just been a fluke this weekend and I got lucky! Sometimes every day just seems like a lottery.
    Take it steady, xx

    1. Oh yes, I actually speak with a Kenyan accent in my sleep too, remnants left over from my year and a half there!
      Venlafaxine gave me night sweats too. Now on Duloxetine (attempt number 6 to find something that works :p) but guess just do as am told, psych knows best right?!
      I am very glad that there was a fluke and hope you continue to be lucky this week, and have sunshine where you are!
      Thanks lovely, attempting steady but at speed, too much to do! x