Monday, 10 June 2013

Not just the celebs...

Another week, another Monday, another long list of things to do that I feel incapable of doing. Oh joy.

My recent blogging has been pretty rubbish. Do I just repeat myself and moan all the time? That's what it feels like.

My head goes round and round in circles. Travelling back over the well worn paths in my mind. Thought patterns and phrases that are ingrained into the very heart of me.

Nothing words.

A lot of nothing words.

Words that are frozen.


There was a good article in the Independent on Saturday by Alistair Campbell. He discussed his own battle with depression as well as Stephen Fry's.

Here is the link if you want to read it.

I commend anyone who can write or express in some way their own experiences with mental health. But for me, it also raises the question of the celebrity obsessed culture we live in.

Why does it take the face and the voice of someone well known to raise the profile of mental health issues?

Why do we sympathise with the celebrity who tried to commit suicide, yet ignore the person in the office who has been suffering with depression?

Like I said, I am grateful to the many well known faces from the celebrity world who are tackling the stigma of mental health. But what worries me, is that we live in a culture where we seem to be mesmerised by these celebrity stories.

Why are we not opening our eyes to see the people that our part of our daily lives that are struggling too?

They are the heroes, they are the survivors.

They need your compassion too.

They may not be on the cover of a magazine, but that doesn't make their battle any less important.


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