Friday, 7 June 2013

Escape and be free...?

Blimey o'reily I haven't blogged since Monday.

Where has this week gone?

I'm not even sure what day it is.

But I am sure that tonight I'm going to have a relaxing evening, stuffing my face with chicken nuggets. Yum.

Oh I can't even write properly tonight, my mind is all over the place. Nutsville.

So perhaps I shall share a poem, one that a lovely lady emailed to me this week.

Now this lady who emailed me, I like to call her my train angel. She doesn't have wings or a halo. She isn't called Gabriel or anything like that. She did however, make a difficult 4 hour train journey a lot easier.

Sometimes our worlds collide with another human beings for no reason, sometime it can be the beginning of a friendship, a love affair, or even an argument.

A stranger can make your day, or equally ruin it.

My stranger on a train relieved my anxiety, and made me feel like I wasn't alone in my battle against the black dog.

I can't write any more tonight, I want to, but I'm all wonky in the brain area. Urgh. Useless.

Here is the poem my train angel sent me....


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