Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Young ones

Wowzers, 56,999 page views ladies and gentlemen! Just a click away from 57,000 hits ...

Hadn't checked out the blog statistics for a while, so for a rainy Tuesday afternoon that was really quite exciting.

I'm in Nottingham this week visiting my lovely sister and family.

My 4 year old (actually, he would probably appreciate it if I said 4 and a half, the half is terribly important...) nephew is keeping me thoroughly entertained.

So far we have rolled down a grassy bank (in hindsight, this wasn't great for my hay-fever..), bounced on the trampoline (also not great for my bad back.. oh I feel old), pretended to be moles eating worms, hunted for mini beasts, turned into seal lions swimming in the sea, and had a few highly intellectual conversations.

Sometimes I wish I was 4 and a half again.


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