Saturday, 25 May 2013

Strangers aren't strange

Sometimes the unexpected happens when you're talking to a stranger.

Mr B often giggles at me when I tell him the tales of the people I meet on the bus or in town. And today was one of those days.

In some social situations, I find it incredibly hard to talk to strangers. My mouth becomes dry, my body wants to run away, and I find myself bored by my own words. I doubt the things that come out of my mouth, instantly comparing myself to others around me.

Its perhaps the forced conversations that I find so difficult. When I know I have to make conversation and be polite, I find myself putting on an old mask, and I hate that.

It reminds me of my years in retail, when I spent days talking nicely to customers, bowing to their every need even when they were insanely rude to me.

But its impulsive conversations that you have whilst waiting for a bus, or sitting on a train that I really find interesting. (In my life, these conversations seem to involve public transport!)

I probably should say at this point, that of course, I love talking to all my super friends and family. Don't want anyone to get offended if I ever start wearing a blank expression.....(I'm probably wanting to spark up a fag...)

And today, as I was standing outside Bristol station, I got talking to a chap about various bits and bobs, which resulted in him saying something rather profound.

It is a phrase that I have read and listened to many times in the past few months. When I have been doubting my existence, my role in life, what the hell I'm going to do. A phrase that can sound cheesy, and can be so easily glossed over, but for some reason, today, it has actually stuck in my brain.

"We all take different paths in life. And sometimes it takes people longer to find which path feels the right one for them."

Well, when the chap said this, I could of patted him on the back and bought him a pint. Obviously I didn't, as he was wearing a backpack and I wasn't in a pub. But you get my drift.

Why did the stranger tell me this? He didn't know me, or anything about my life. Yet his words have had a positive impact on my outlook for today. And perhaps tomorrow, and the next day. You never know, it might last that long.

Now, I have my own theories about these little incidents, when your world spontaneously collides with someone elses. But tonight is not the night for sharing these theories.

Instead, tonight is the time to bask in the wondrous glimmers of hope that we are all are passing onto one another.

Strangers unaware of the glorious power they carry.


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