Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mind swings

My mind is currently swinging violently between being super relaxed, and ultra anxious.

Like one of those weird pendulum silver ball things that you see on doctors desks.

It goes click click, tap tap, swing swing.

Actually I have never seen one on a real life doctors desk, only on the telly, but that doesn’t really matter.

I may have to start writing a few more lists and mini plans, to ease some of my anxiety. Also tempted to reorganise my sisters wardrobe for her, as that kind of thing usually soothes me.

Originally I offered to colour code her CD’s or her DVD’s but she wasn’t so keen on that idea. I don’t think she really understood how wonderfully ordered and beautiful her collections would look once I got my hands on them.

Which makes me think, I wonder if anyone else would like me to colour code their CD’s or DVD’s for them? It really is the best system and looks so much more visually pleasing to the eye (and my brain.)

That’s all the writing I’m going to do tonight, no more wittering.

I’m super tired and I smell like biscuits ‘cuz I’ve had a spray tan…(bridesmaid engagement no.1 on Saturday.)

So I think I will go and snuggle up and dream of digestives or something…


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