Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wedding eve eve and other stuff....

Tomorrow morning I am travelling to deepest darkest Devonshire, and as I'm not sure if they have the Internet down south, I thought it probably best to tap a little something out now.

(I'm only jesting of course, I know they have Internet in Devon, just not entirely sure if its reached the country lanes where I'll be residing...!)

And so I have a rather long journey to make tomorrow. Two trains and about 5 and a half hours. Which is kind of my worst nightmare.

But fear not, I am well prepared.

I have snacks, a selection of films, games, and a good juicy book too. I just hope I don't need a wee. Weeing on trains is my least favourite place to wee. Well, not on the actual train, in the designated toilet bit of course, I obviously don't believe in weeing all over the carriage. Can you imagine. Actually, I don't want to.

I just hate how the train keeps on jigging around making you almost fall down the toilet. You wee in fear of the lock not working and some poor passenger finding you with your knickers round your ankles (I've heard tales of this happen.) Oh and there is always loads of wee on the floor because of all the train jigging. So then you have wee on your shoes. YUK. And there's never enough paper towels or soap. AND they always smell bad so you have to spend the whole experience holding your breath, which unless you're a diver and practised at holding your breath is really rather hard.

Maybe I'll stop writing about wee now. I think you get the general gist of how much I dislike these toilet trains. I guess I will either have to not drink anything for the entire journey and end up absolutely parched, or just get over my whole train toilet phobia. Neither option seems very appealing.

Anyway, the whole reason why I'm going down to Devon is for Marianne and Wills wedding. Hurrah. Its very exciting.

I get to be a bridesmaid and everything. That's right, moi! Who would believe it. Not I.

Which reminds me, I must read up on my duties. These include concentrating particularly hard on not tripping on Marianne's dress as she walks down the aisle. That would be nothing short of a disaster.

Wish me luck!


This entry was intended to be something heartfelt as I approached the eve of my very good friends nuptials. However, it seems to have turned into a blog mostly about wee. I do apologise.

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