Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Its not about the fox poo

After a day of list making, and getting things ticked off, I now feel like I can breathe again.
This morning my anxiety was spinning out of all control, but throughout the day I have been able to rein it in a little.
A walk in the sunshine also helped.
Apart from getting fox poo on my hand.

It was definitely a warning not to stroke a dog who has just been scampering in the woods again.


I’ve washed my left hand about every 10 minutes since I’ve been home.

Just in case any fox poo residue has seeped its way into my skin.


Anyway, I didn't really mean to write about fox poo for so long. I do apologise if you're tucking into a tasty snack.

I've recently discovered this new photo editing app thingy, and I've been having fun turning my shoddy photographs  into something more beautiful.

The photo below is 2 pages from my 'happy book' that I made last week. I've just cropped it and added an effect thing, and now, I'm kind of in love with it. If you can be in love with a photo?  Maybe that's weird. But I think you can.

It just looks like a soothing, magical summer evening.

With a hint of mystery and warmth added in for good measure.

I want to get my head, stick it in the picture and be transported into that world.

Smell those roses.

Dance in that beautiful dress.

Feel the sun on my forehead, and the breeze through my hair.

Touch the spiky palm trees and be reminded of tropical beaches.


1 comment:

  1. I have heard that toothpaste get's fox poo off a dog...if that helps...:p
    You're right, the picture is very beautiful.
    Hope you have a day with sunshine! xx