Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Just been reading through a few of my recent blogs, because I didn't want to start today's with, "I'm so tired", again.

But I kind of just did, so nevermind.

Needs must. And I cant really get many other words out at the moment.

I have that tired floppy head syndrome at the moment. I look like a newborn baby who hasn't formed its neck muscles yet. My head just keeps on flopping around and falling asleep. I must look rather strange.

Oh well. If my head happens to flop onto your shoulder whilst travelling on the bus, please just gently move it to one side.

I had an x-ray yesterday, which built up my anxiety levels rather quickly. Its nothing serious, I've just had a really painful back for about 7 weeks now, and its not getting any better. People tell me that its probably just a trapped nerve, and I'm trying to believe them....

I just hate hospitals. I mean no-one likes them I guess. Why would you? They remind me of illness and death and pain and germs. I cant stop thinking about all the germs. All the death  and suffering. The weird smell that hospitals always have makes my stomach churn. Last time I was in this particular hospital was when I had taken an not the happiest of memories. Just nightmarish surreal memories.

I'm wittering now.
Time for a rest.

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