Monday, 11 March 2013

Reorganising for brain pleasure

Last night I reorganised my parents DVD collection into colour order, using the colour on the side of each DVD box. Black to white, grey, then blue to green, then yellow to red, and finally pink.

Oh it had been bugging me for so long.

White had got mixed up with red. The blues were all over the places, and don't even get me started on the pinks. It was a colour conundrum.

My own collection are organised in this way, and it make my brain very satisfied, so please don't question my method.

I then started on my Dads CD collection. Despite my pleas he would not let me use my colour coding in the same way, and made me do alphabetical instead. He told me that not everyone remembers what colour the box is for every CD they buy. Is it weird that my brain works in this way? I think maybe its part of my synesthesia.

I was so knackered last night and still am today, but these kind of weird reorganising tasks just make my brain feel so much better. My bedroom may have last weeks sock strewn over the floor (amongst other things), but at least the CD and DVD collections are colour co-ordinated....


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