Sunday, 10 March 2013


I think I've discovered something new today, despite what others may say, it is possible to sleep standing up. Its also possible to sleep whilst cooking a meal, watching the rugby, and trying to converse with your parents.

And sleeping is all I intend to do this week.

My mind and body have officially collapsed, and my voice has once again disappeared.

However, it was well worth it.

Had a fantastic last day at the exhibition, and Supernova has now gone to live with its new owner.

Still in an overwhelmed, dreamlike, can't believe whats happened mode. Need to reflect and digest everything that has happened this week. But most importantly, remember that I haven't failed. (Insert mini high five)

This photo is taken from the Bath Chronicle website, which is why it has the swirly bit in the middle, but I kind of like it anyway...!


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