Friday, 8 March 2013

The grasshopper who sang all summer

Before I forget, for anyone who would like to, click on the link below to have a 'virtual tour' of the Tiny Monuments exhibition.....(Mine are the 4 canvas's in the corner, 2 either side of the round window, and two next to the fire extinguisher!)

I am completely wiped out tonight. Feel as if someone has got a hoover, put the tubey thing on my arm and sucked all my energy juices out.

Perhaps 200 cans of diet coke and a couple of bottles of lucozade will get me through tomorrow.

I knew this week would be mental draining... I just thought I'd be able to manage it by now....*big sigh*

I don't want to sound like a grumpy chops, 'cuz I'm so blown away by everyones support and encouragement. Had more friends in to see the exhibition again today which was ace.

This morning my bestie Laura sent me some beautiful flowers, which made me cry lots of happy tears. I think it just suddenly hit me...the crazy journey I've been on over the past 2 years...and the amazing people who have pulled me out of the darkness... Thank you Lozalozalozaroonie :)


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