Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hello me.

Just a little, mini, teeny tiny, ever so small blog tonight, as I need to jump into my bed and get some beauty sleep. Yawn.

The irony of being part of an exhibition called 'My voice in the City' and then completely losing my own voice, doesn't seem so funny anymore. Just frustrating, annoying. And generally a little bit shit.

When I push my mind and body to its limits, I always get ill and lose my voice. Its like some sort of curse. An evil old germ pops up and says, "Ha ha you're starting to wilt, I will come and pounce on you and make you poorly." If you see that germ anywhere, please squash him. I reckon he has an evil laugh and a shifty look in his eye (if you needed a description...)

My voice is almost returning though, so hopefully I will be able to go back to stewarding tomorrow afternoon and Saturday.

Totally bummed at missing good friends who came to see it today though. Evil germ kept me in bed and away from the world. Boo.

For those who have yet to see them, a few pics from the private view on Monday. Ended up on page 14 in the Bath Chronicle today. Massive wowzaroonie, and totally overwhelmed at being mentioned in the same article as J K Rowling. And just overwhelmed at seeing my face in the paper really. Crazy. Its a positive article, so do have a read.....

 But for now, I will say goodnight.

I'm expecting the paparazzi on my doorstep tomorrow morning and I simply must look my best......



  1. Congrat' must be very proud. I read the newspaper article, so nice that people are trying to stop the stigma of mental illness, an issue I feel very strong about.

  2. Thank you, yeah its a great article! Good to get the word out there....#timetochange :)