Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Oh dear, Susie has no voice.

Squeaky Susie has returned.

Think all the speech giving and hob-knobbing yesterday must have taken its toll on my vocal chords.


Still feeling spectacularly overwhelmed by the amount of support and positive feedback for my work. Merci to everyone, you are all top bananas.

During a meet the artists discussion circle today I was momentarily thrown by a question ..I had just finished talking about my paintings, (which was quite an achievement in itself...!) when I was asked this:

"Considering what you have been through, do you now feel equipped to notice the warning signs of a bad period of depression coming on? Do you feel you could deal with that again?"

Well, it certainly made my stomach churn.

Mainly because this is something that I am absolutely terrified about. 

But I cannot live in fear of this happening. This fear could paralyse me, but I won't let it. I live my life knowing that the black dog may come barking at any moment, but most importantly knowing that I can fight back. I will not be in the same place again. History does not repeat itself. Hope and love are tattooed on my skin, and I will never let go of them. 

I have to have faith.
I need to hope.
I will always love.



  1. Hi Susie

    i would just like to say i was blown away with the exhibition today all of you have amazing skill and i look forward to coming to one of your groups and meeting with you all.

    you have also inspired me to make a blog so check it out if you get five

  2. Thank you so much! Good luck with the blogging, I'm sure you will get a lot of fun out of it :)