Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Today, yesterday, tomorrow

Good evening and a  very happy Tuesday to you all. I do hope you've had a spiffing day.

However, if you're day has been totally pants, fear not my friends, because tomorrow is a new day.

Hurrah to that.

I've been struggling over the past few days, but I've been trying to channel my negative energy into little activities and generally take things slowly.

Its tough. Sometimes it feels like I'm fighting a never ending battle.

I tried to do some painting on Sunday, but ended up pretty much trashing the canvas, as I got so frustrated and hated what I'd done. All part of the creative process...?!

Still trying to digest and reflect on all the exhibition stuff...its going to take a while methinks.

Got a few fun things planned in the next few weeks though. Having stuff to look forward to really helps me get through each day. On Saturday I'm going to my first ever boxing fight night thing! I know I dont exactly look like the typical boxing fan, but I'm mega excited and cant stop singing 'Eye of the Tiger'. Really want to get a big yellow foam finger too. Maybe Mr B will just let me paint his hand and chop it off instead...


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