Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Almost avoiding politics

Oh dear.

I think I've made a drastic error in judgement.

I've just eaten a huge bowl of pasta, in an attempt to give me energy... Mainly because in the next hour I'm off to my first dance class in flipping yonks.

I have a horrible feeling I may be seeing this pasta fly through the air at the dance studio, as I hurl my guts up mid body-pop.

I'm pretty anxious about putting my dancing shoes back on after such a long time...But fingers crossed I wont be too terrible. Just ridiculously unfit I think. Running for the bus this morning even gave me stitch, so who knows what an hour of street dance is going to do to me. Heart attack most likely.

I think I will resume my usual position on the back row of the class. That way I can sneak around and make as many mistakes as I like without anyone seeing 'cause I'm just so titchy.

Is it just me or am I writing really long sentences tonight? Bad grammar Susie.

Pretty pleased that I've managed to get this far through my blog without moaning about those twits (replace 'i' with 'a' if preferred) George Osborne, David Cameron, and Michael Gove though. Would dearly love to slap them all in the face with a wet wriggly stinky salmon.


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