Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mr B's bday in Brizzzzle

I'd better start this blog off wishing my ever so slightly crazy boyfriend a very Happy Birthday. Not that I'm likely to forget as he's been singing happy birthday to himself all day long....

But he is rather ace, a true top banana...and so definitely deserves a mention on the celebration day of his birth.

Twas slightly too chilly for our planned day at Weston, so we became tourists in our own city, and enjoyed all the fascinating bits and bobs down at the Bristol GAllery And museum.

 When I say bits and bobs, of course I mean fascinating artefact's and stuff from thousands of years ago. Along with an interesting exhibition including work by Ai Weiwei. Do check it out if you get chance, it's free and everything. And who doesn't love a freebie?

Still haven't completely settled down in myself since the exhibition, although I really feel like I should have by now....I'm trying as best as I can to focus on the present, and to be mindful within each moment I'm given.

Struggling to write this on this teeny iPad, so I will say cheerio for now, but don't fear, I will be back...


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