Monday, 25 March 2013

A Monday in March

Sat here wearing approximately 10 layers of woollen jumpers, plus my very fetching red beanie hat. I may look like the Michelin Man, but at least I'm warm.

As a true Brit, I feel it is my right to have a good old moan about the weather. We're all a little bit obsessed with it, but really, these temperatures are ridiculous! Where has Spring disappeared to? Perhaps its lost, or something. Maybe we need to get Spring a satnav in order to reach the British Isles asap. I don't know...

Although, my new theory is, cold spring, hot summer...This Meteorology theory of mine has no real scientific facts or figures to back it up...However, it does have memories of sunny Aprils in the past few years, followed by freezing Augusts. So, in conclusion, I could be right. Yes. Yes I could. One has to hope really. For without hope, where would we be? Stuck inside for the next 6 months moaning about the weather most likely...

Anyway, enough of that.

I have a big list of things to do and as always I'm struggling to get through it...My mind and body just wants to sleep all afternoon...Zero motivation.

Still being plagued by this mysterious bad back. X ray came back normal and so now the Dr has booked me in for and MRI scan and physio. Eeek! Also got some more powerful painkillers so I'll be even more drugged up than normal...Its been going on for 8 weeks now, and so fed up of the constant pain and the anxiety that seems to go hand in hand with it...


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