Saturday, 23 March 2013

Stuck to my seat

Anyone else being incredibly lazy on this rather dull Saturday morning?

I cant seem to unattach myself from my beloved dressing gown yet. It appears to have sewn itself onto my skin....

I have however managed to listen to my favourite radio slot, 'Grilllll Graham'. If you haven't heard it, its on radio 2 every Saturday morning at 10:30. Listeners write into Mr Graham Norton with a problem or dilemma, and then fellow listeners try and solve said problem. Its all very jolly and fun, well, except for the person who has a deep and personal problem and has everyone else chuckling quietly in the corner, thinking smugly that their life isn't so ridiculous. (Not me of course, I would never be so mean...)

But I probably should be in the shower now instead of finding old music I like on you tube....

I suspect no-one remembers this old country tune...however, Daddy Pig used to have it on one of our great mix tapes made by Uncle Steve (fellow family country music lover..)

And suddenly I'm transported to car journeys with my Dad. Its a Saturday morning in 1996, the sun is shining, he's just picked me up from dance class in Congleton, and I'm singing at the top of my voice and smiling with my Papa...

Enough memories....I really must move my bum off this seat!


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