Monday, 11 February 2013

Stresshead Sooz

Stresshead Sooz has been around lately.

Have you met her?

She has a constant frown and smokes like a trooper.

Her hair looks decidedly wild, and her hands are covered in paint.

Her heart also likes to go into ridiculous palpitations, and you may actually see it jump out of her chest. (Unlikely, but feels quite possible.)

Lists are her weapon of choice. She has lists within lists.

And lists of days in which the items on the lists can be ticked off.

If you see Stresshead Sooz rushing around in a mad panic, please make her sit down. Tell her to chill. Get her a diet coke (unless she's already had 5 that day, too much caffeine is probably not the best idea.)

Remind her that everything will be OK.

Because, I think, well at least I hope, it will.


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