Sunday, 10 February 2013

Face your fears...

Good afternoon my fellow human beings. I hope you're having a marvellous Sunday. I know I am. Mr B just made me a bacon sandwich. Yum. And he picked me up from town night when I was a tiny bit tipsy......I should think of a new phrase, but top banana just seems to sum up Mr B so well.

I was ever so slightly nervous about going out in brizzzzzle last night, as last time I was out in my glad rags I had a panic attack. I was in this crazily claustrophobic  club and it made me feel like a mini  beast  being trodden on. Not a good feeling. I don't recommend it. So I was understandably (I think....?) apprehensive.

However I tried to put that experience out of my head and concentrate on being with my friends. And you know what, I had a super smashing time.

It's hard facing your fears, but I know I can't let certain negative experiences rule my life. Black dog is not going to be in charge forever. I am.



  1. Dear Susie. Good stuff. I have just received this from an old school friend (as old as I am ha ha) and it compliments what you've said - do have a look. Christine xx

  2. Thank you Christine! I love having recommendations and finding new stuff on the net. I found that piece so well written and very encouraging. Thank you for thinking of me, love susie xxx