Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Starry preview

My brain is wide awake.

But my body is oh so sleepy.

An irritating reoccurring combination.

Ah well. It has given me time to do more exhibition stuff. And more staring blankly out of the window.

I'm currently attempting to load up a few images of my recent artwork but its proving rather difficult.

This tiny laptop likes to keep on having a tea break to think about things, and my Internet signal is quite low (as I'm still borrowing it from my lovely neighbour!) Its amazing and actually a little bit scary how much we rely on technology. When said technology then gets a bit broken our lives go all higgeldy piggeldy and we forget that there was once a time that didnt start with www. and end in .com.

I know both Mama and Papa Piglet think I'm addicted to my mobile phone. Which is like, so untrue. Totes unfair because like, I'm really not, and I could totally survive without texts and facebook. Fa shizz. (Ooo I did enjoy being a teenager then for 3 sentences, muchos fun.)

Oh would you look at that,I managed to upload them whilst I was wittering away. These are just preparatory studies by the way folks. Not the real deal.
I've been exploring the theme of stars in my work, and lights that guide us...So these are just a few experiments.

Bed time now methinks...


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