Thursday, 21 February 2013

It begins with 'm' and rhymes with paths

I partook in a most unnatural activity today. Something that made my brain ache and my frown lines increase by the second.

It begins with 'm' and rhymes with paths.

Oh how I hate it (maths, not paths.)

As I spent most of my GCSE maths lessons being distracted by boys, not much of it ever sunk in. The only algebra I understood was this,

Laughing at boys jokes + revealing some cleavage = getting boys attention.

N.B I don't necessarily recommend this algebra sum (is it called a sum? I have no idea!) I was only 16 after all. Quite cringey thinking about it actually.

ANYWAY, moving on.

What was I saying?

Oh yes, 3 hours I spent doing maths this afternoon. Cor blimey, it was tough. I mean, what are all those extra buttons on your calculator for? And why are the buttons so small and sensitive? To make me do the sum alllll over again? Is that why, because I found that was happening a lot. It also kept on saying ERROR in a very mean way. I don't like that calculator at all. No I do not.

And now my brain hurts a lot. I have a headache, my brow would like to be soothed.

Bathtime and bubbles for me I think.


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