Monday, 4 February 2013

My voice

Today has been a painting day.

An arty farty chucking paint around my room kind of day.

I even did some finger painting. Which is ridiculously good fun, and turns out some surprisingly good results. I highly recommend it.

I also spent some time going through my archive of blogs from the past 2 years. Yes, that's right, 2 flippin' years. How scary is that?

My blog celebrated its 2nd birthday on the 2nd Feb. Happy birthday blog!

And I've decided I should see it as a celebration, instead of what the black dog wants to turn it into, which is of course a failure....Ahhhh so easy to slip down that path, thinking of everything I still can't do. Argh. NO. NO.

I wrote these words last week, that seem to have turned into a little I thought I would share them with you.....

Once there was a hidden voice.
A voice that couldn't get out.
Trapped and lost.
Empty and despairing.

The voice screamed.
No-one heard.

The voice was ready to die.
But hope had other plans.

Slowly the voice began to reveal itself.
Step by step the voice got a little louder.


Two years later that voice is heard in five continents.
Twenty countries.

Now that voice is mine.

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