Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday; a day full of possibilities

"Dreams can come true.....lalalala" Ooo hello Miss Gabrielle, haven't heard you and your sparkly eye patch for a while. Thank you my radio friend for playing this hopeful ditty on a Sunday morning. I like. I like.

I have now recovered from my grumpy chops mood that had enveloped me on Friday. The final straw was receiving a canvas that I'd ordered on the Internet, to find it had a big rip in it. Not cool. Especially as I'd had it specially delivered to avoid damaging it by carrying it on the bus.

However, I have now realised its not the end of the world, and I'm trying not to get my knickers in a twist. Even though I really need to start my new painting as the exhibition is coming up in 4 weeks. *runs around the room in a mad panic.*

And breathe.

Perhaps going upstairs and making a list would be a productive thing to do today.

One list of things to do now. And a second list of things to do sometime, somewhere, somehow.....



  1. I'm 25, and trying to deal with my depression which is quite crippling. I am getting medicated and working with a therapist, but I also discovered something else that helps me personally. Check it out at my new blog.

    keep up the good fight. i like the birds in the background

  2. thank you...

    its amazing how many different weird and wonderful things you can find to help you through your battle...especially when sometimes you feel like nothing will help you...!

    stay strong,