Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tiny Monuments

Less than a month to go until the exhibition everyone...! Oh yes! Oh yes!

Had a  great planning session with the rest of the Tiny Monuments group today (if I havent already explained how supersmashing great this group is, I will soon, promise.) I've noticed that I tend to fluctuate between extreme excitement about the show, and absolute despair and panic. Not that I'm an emotional person at all....Oh no.. Not me.... My mind just loves to take me on a white water raft ride of emotion!

If you haven't already, put this in your diary/Filofax/or failing that write it on your little paw....

Tiny Monuments
'My voice in the city'

4th-9th March,10am-4pm daily
 Bath Central Library.

 What does your voice look like?
We are a collection of local visual artists, writers and creatives exploring the theme of 'My voice in the city'.
The exhibition will include film, installations, artworks, poetry with interactive exhibts and dialogue.

Free Event. (Yes that's FREE, and who doesn't love something for nothing?!)

We're going to be sending out leaflets, publicity, all that kind of jazz. But I just would love as many people to be there as possible (people that I like of course, not bad eggs.)

So I'm afraid for the next few weeks reader, you will have to put up with my harking on about this exhibition. Cuz its gonna be totally ace.

All I need to do is just paint the biggest piece of work I've ever attempted...oh and not shit my pants...


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