Friday, 18 January 2013

White noise

I wonder, perchance, is it snowing where you are? Or has it snowed in the past 24 hours?

Have you made a snowman?

Or taken a photo of your snowy garden? (I did, couldn't resist getting on the bandwagon.)

Just like every other year when snow has fallen, us Brits just can't help but get SUPER excited about it. Well, we're either excited or stressed about the wintry weather situation.

I tend to fluctuate between the two emotions. One minute I will love the fact that my garden has temporarily turned into Narnia. The next, I will be consumed with worry that I'm going to be snowed in for the next 7 days and will have to survive on a diet of baked beans, tuna, and other canned goods.

So, its really a love/hate relationship I have with this snowy stuff.

Do you know that feeling when you're standing in the snow, and its so quiet? But not truly silent. Its a weird kind of nothing sound. An empty space that's being filled with snow. This is what I call white noise. I think I read it somewhere, or heard it on a film, I can't take credit myself. I just think its a great phrase.
White noise.



  1. I am practically up to my neck in the white stuff. I heard it is supposed to snow again on Monday..that is where the love-hate relationship comes in because I had 2 reactions when I heard the news. Part of me was "ugh" and the other is kind of excited to see the white flakes fall and cover everything up in white newness.