Sunday, 20 January 2013

Squeaky Susie

Tonight I am truly thankful that this blog comes in written form and not audio.

A strange reason to be thankful, you may wonder.

But its purely because I have lost my little voice. I am a slightly husky, every so squeaky version of myself.

Apparently husky voices are supposed to be sexy , but mine definitely doesn't fall under that category. My husky voice has more of the comedic value to it. In fact, I almost sound like a teenage boy who's voice is just breaking. Combine that with a snotty nose and a hacking cough, and you will have a most attractive image of me I'm sure....

Splutter splutter.

And so I have spent the day on the sofa, drifting in and out of sleep, watching absolute drivvle on the television, and generally feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Its funny though isn't it, after all this time with my ongoing battle against my mental illnesses, I rarely feel sorry for myself. Angry, yes, frustrated, most of the time, wishing I didn't have it, always. But I don't think I've ever thought, "Poor old me." Have I? Perhaps I have given myself a moment or two in the past for a self indulgent pity. I think its pretty rare though. Yet, as soon as I have a cold, or a bad leg or some other ailment I really do feel sorry for myself. Strange. Something to ponder on perhaps.


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